Punch Drunk Love

Punch Drunk Love by J J Adams and Andrew Davis is a book that talks about the about the joy of being alive. With the help of the main character you will discover a whole new universe, where you can better understand yourself.

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We want to give you the best insight when it comes to being yourself and dealing with different aspects of your live. We’ve all been there at some point and we’ve all had our ups and downs, but it’s undoubtedly human to have such phases and that’s the feeling that we want to inflict on you.

Dive into the story of Ove, the main character. He has been around for quite a while, and is considered by many an enigmatic fellow that is distant and sarcastic most of the time. Ove doesn’t have a lot of friends and his neighbors consider him a weird and antisocial person that expects everybody to behave. Of course this is not the remarkable thing about Ove. What his friends and neighbors find really odd is the fact that Ove was never seen in the proximity of a woman before. He lives alone has no children and doesn’t seem keen on finding someone too soon.

Things will change for Ove in an unexpected way when a new couple moves into the neighbourhood and draw Ove’s attention. A twist of unexpected events will force Ove to rethink his life and to take some crucial decisions. Regardless of the story, every reader can identify with Ove at some point in the story. The memories that Ove is forced to relive due to the intensity of his encounter, are relevant to every single one of us and most of our readers are forced to rethink concepts and feelings along with the main character.

Instead of writing a pure psychological book, we wanted to create a story that you will read and maybe, will make you feel different and will give you a different view on the world. The main purpose of this book is not to be another touching tale but to force you to have your own thought process and make you relive some of your memories and process them for good. We both believe that anyone can change their way of thinking and the flaws that they have developed due to emotional trauma, with the help of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Instead of going to therapy you can try and read an optimistic tale that is not sci-fi and that might be as well your story. Some of the best or worst things in life happen when we are young because that is when we develop our emotional radar. Our main character is not as much young as he is mature but most of the thought processes that is forced to rethink will make you feel nostalgic and hopefully they will make you rethink some of the things you thought you had sorted out. So sit back, take a sit of your favorite non- alcoholic punch like a responsible adult and dive into this tale that is full of wonders.

The inspiration behind the name of the book is comes from the most relevant scene in the book that mainly splits the book in two distinct chapters of Ove’s life. The first chapter mainly revolves around his life and his daily activities as well as his opinion of others, his mindset and the way people perceive him and the second chapter revolves mainly on Ove’s memories and the way he is now trying to fit in the world once he meets Eva. This encounter will put Ove is a very uncomfortable and new position, because no one ever made him doubt himself and the decisions he’s made before.

This feeling of doubt will develop into an existential crisis that Ove doesn’t know how to handle. Because we have worked on this project for a long time we started to develop new ways of helping you deal with different problems and we have written a couple of chapters that you will find in the book. There we recommend different techniques that will help you get rid of bad feelings or bad thoughts that you might have. Because our character will experience a range of feeling we thought that we might as well explain them to you separately and help you understand and defeat them.

The basic technique is simple and it involves attacking every bad thought with a good thought that has the same force and energy to it, in order to cancel the negative one. By using this technique we created a non-conventional story that you can use. We want to use the power of the creative process and the ability of our readers to get attached to the characters and give it a twist. From time to time in the book you will find that the story is interrupted by some additional pages in which we use the character to explain some of the normal thought processes and some of the bad ones that he has and explain why they are relevant to you, if you feel that you can relate to them of course. The main reason why we choose to use this technique is because we wanted to combine story telling with psychology in a way that doesn’t involve you reading two different books or brainstorm about what we wanted you to understand from a certain chapter. This way we provide you with all the information you need to know to improve your personality and to cope with different aspects and thoughts that you have, In today’s society we all feel a little bit overwhelmed by the feeling of having to get things done and by the feeling that we need to provide and need to earn money, or “do something with our life” as most of the people we know put it. Due to this intense way of thinking and due to the great amount of responsibility that rests on our shoulders it is sometimes hard to find time for the things that matter. Most of the time we don’t even know how acknowledge what really matters and we end up feeling voided with no purpose or just helpless as we watch how our existence gets consumed by the chores that we need to get done because otherwise we might lose our job or someone might replace us.

There are a lot of reasons that make us feel uneasy when it comes to aspects of our lives because at first, it’s always easy to pretend that our problems aren’t there because we don’t like the feeling of being weak, especially when it comes to our feelings. We want to have aces to such knowledge that will help make this journey pleasant and easy, so we created our own strategy and our own unique writing style that we hope you will find challenging and helpful.

We felt that it was imperative to give our various states a proper context and a story because when you read about emotion and behavior you end up with a lot of objective information that is hard to internalize especially if is just theory.We believe that with the proper setting and with the proper examples, you can relate to your emotions better and understand that what you are feeling is not foreign or weird, but it’s simply human.

If some of your feelings are misplaced there is always a reason that triggered such a behavior and by understanding the mechanisms that have triggered such a response you can train your mind and you can heal. A feeling, an emotion or a memory that was not processed properly and has left a mark into our unconscious mind can lead to certain emotional states in the present, that might affect our life and that might interfere with our current affairs. This book is a way of introducing you into the thinking and feeling part of your brain as well as into the levels of consciousness and the role they play into our lives. We have researched a lot of concepts and we tried to implement a new way of thinking with the help of positive thought reinforcement and, based on the idea that most of our fears are just natural and not rational, we have developed a series of thought experiments in which you are invited to sit and think of a certain situation and try to face your fears straight on. We tried very hard to develop and create a unique and helpful mindset in order for you to have quick aces to information and data, in order to develop a healthy mindset that will help you in the future.

We strongly believe that by making you understand the mechanism that helps us process emotions and create feelings, you can control them and give yourself time to heal. We believe than when you know what to expect and when you become aware that some of the things that you are experiencing are normal, if we consider the background that you come from, that is when you can truly belong to yourself and start to feel good and confident about yourself.

Few people stop and think about certain aspects of life and even fewer think about the implications that a certain behavior has on their life. Of course we don’t encourage overthinking, but we encourage conscious decisions making.

Besides such topics, you can also find new information about the book and extra tips here on the site along with some info about us, the authors and the things that have inspired us along the way. A lot of the things that are important to us and helped us develop a healthy lifestyle and a balanced way of looking at life are present here. Feel free to dive into our creative process and be a witness to the things that have inspired us along the way. Frankly me and Adam have been through similar stuff growing up and that fact helped us develop a strong friendship and also the need to exploit and share our experience with the world.

Writing this book has been a challenge because the whole experience of writing it has been very personal for both of us, and the fact that we have been encouraged by our friends and family to give it a try- after some of them read a part of the manuscript -has been a blessing.

Writing this book helped bring people together by helping many of them understand how mind and feelings combine and create this beautiful experience that we share.

We also want to focus on the things that make us who we are and on the things that make us different, because most of the problems that occur when we try interacting with each other, come from a lack of acknowledging our differences. With the help of this book we want to bring together everything that people love doing and enjoy and help them develop a healthy mindset about life if they believe they need such information.

The idea behind Punch Drunk Love blog was that we wanted to make a site where people could have access to the latest articles. We hope you can find it all here. Of course not all the articles are written by us. We always mention our source when we are posting articles that we don’t own in order to help you check out other sites that have similar content and might be more specialized than us.

A couple of years ago when we first started the concept for this page we wanted it to be very easy to access and for the content to have a lot of different topics that people can aces. Eventually by doing so you can aces a lot of different pages and find more articles there. By recommending certain pages we want to help that page gain popularity, because we believe in its content not because we can gain money from it. We hope you enjoy the experience of Punch Dunk Love!

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This is not a new activity. In fact, ever since the discovery of the new world, people have been exposed to ingesting smoke or other inhalants to achieve some sort of biochemical experience. Thanks to the launch and popularity of vaping, people no longer have to subject themselves to all sorts of potential health risks due to the presence of tar.

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Now, as I mentioned above, the good news in all of this is that you can use the accessories that you already have, as far as your clothing or other types of accessories, to give you a certain clue as to the kinds of colors, shapes and overall design elements that you should look for in e-juice containers or other accessories.

This accessorization, of course, is all part of projecting your personality. Everyone has a different personality. We may not show it but every single one of us looks at and responds to the world in our own distinct way. The different might seem small but it is nonetheless there. Sadly, most of us would rather go along to get along. It’s as if we are trying to go under the radar so we don’t stick out. Most of this stems from our high school or middle school experiences.

During those days, we remember how kids who decided to march to the beat of their drummers were called out and made to feel small, weird, abnormal, or otherwise told that they did not belong. As you can well imagine, such experiences seared into us a desire to be just like everyone else. Who wants to be made an example of? Who wants to be judged? Accordingly, we get so busy trying to do and want the same stuff as everyone else that we lost sight of who we truly are. We have gone blind. And it shows in how we cut our hair, our clothes, and how we talk and get along. If you can see through these and you want to push back, you can do so in one of the best ways possible through your choice of vape accessories. Be your own person. Right here. Right now!

We want to give you the best insight when it comes to being yourself and dealing with different aspects of your live.

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